Commercial & Retail

Our Principal Architect has designed several Commercial and Retail projects including big-box retail stores, shopping centers, restaurants, car dealerships, tunnel car washes, retail/office/residential complexes and hotels. Some of our completed projects are: Shops at Camp Bowie, Fort Worth Texas Commercial Plaza, Islamabad Pakistan Chelsea Village, McKinney Texas Luxury Apartment Plaza, Islamabad Retail and Apartment Plaza,Continue reading “Commercial & Retail”

Mixed-Use & Multi-Family Residential

Our portfolio of Mixed-Use, Multi-Family, Subdivision and Urban Planning projects is extensive. We have designed apartment buildings, retail / office / residential complexes, residential & commercial subdivisions and master planned urban centers. Some of our completed projects are: Mixed Use Development (Master Planning, Health, Commercial, Retail & Residential) Chelsea Village, McKinney Texas Saindak Township, BalochistanContinue reading “Mixed-Use & Multi-Family Residential”